Sunday, 9 October 2011

the long road to bulgaria part 1...

and so we left the uk at 7pm last thursday
and finally arrived in bg
as the expats call it
on tuesday evening
as the sun settled on the tailend of the day

we didnt rush but we didnt dawdle either
man and woman on a mission

handsome and i shared the driving
and for the first 26 hours managed maidstone to milan
at the french italien mountainous border
tunnels became de riguer
and it cost a whooping 36 euros
to pass through the mont blanc 8km tunnel

(altogether peage/motorway tolls cost
around 180 euros in france italy and greece)

after 20 odd hours on the road
we got our second wind
inspired by the spectacular scenery

happily we missed any sign of rush hour in paris
but got caught out in milan
as the sun and our energy levels started to fade

we were pooped
and whilst we had hoped to reach venice
without stopping
we realised we were beat

so the trusty sat nav
found us a nearby hotel
                 and boy were we happy...

after many hours en route
with only a paltry packet of babywipes to freshen up
we surely landed on our feet
milan one of the fashion capitals of the world 
served up a new york style boutique hotel
with private individual garage parking
private lift directly from garage into room
with remote control everything
and a bed fit for a family of 10
we slept like babies


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Krystal said...

oh gosh, that arrival sounds heavenly after all of that driving! have fun :)

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