Friday, 23 September 2011

saying goodbye...

and so the day finally arrived

(and looking at these grey and humid images
not a day too soon)

when in 2001 I arrived in northern france
I lived in a small village called genech

my first house in genech
(1st image the white one on the right in the distance)
and my friends claire eric gust and gab's house
many a happy hour spent together

full of raw expectation
and today happy yet sad memories
things went tits up/awry in 2006

the last lunch in genech
yum yum carbonade and tripes
chez jannicks
one week on from the signing
of the sale of my house
and I am soooo happy to leave
the land of fantastic cheese and limited vision
(ooh that is controversial mrs)
and yet I still have regrets
 for the way things turned sour

driving in convoy with mr handsome

france you are a beautiful country
but you were a fickle friend
adieu I loved you well
for a short while

umm the grey cliffs of dover
so much better?

welcome home for a week


1 comment:

polkadotpeticoat said...

Yeah to a fresh start and a fond farewell......hooray!

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