Saturday, 30 July 2011

time to hang out the bunting...


my son storm
has been living with his dad in england
for a while now
and although we chat weekly

(torturous ado chat a bit like pulling teeth
i ave vays of making you talk sonny jim
question (you vill) answer)

we have not seen one another

                       if you will
             this mums joy
                           to know she has her boy for 2 whole weeks

yes indeedy a uk magical mystery 'tour for 2'

swinging by best friends and grandparents
london/winchester/henley on thames
with a bit o camping thrown in
for good measure



polkadotpeticoat said...

Your going to have a blast together.....I thought of you all yesterday because I was asked by a friend to clean her house because she had to work and she was having a party.....guess what she has a little friend living with her maybe 2 or 3......I had to meet my fears head on baby!

gallerydarrow said...

It sound wonderful, have a blast! xo

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

fabulous news! Have fun. Henley on Thames I know pretty well AND Les Sables d' Olonne is just up the road from me here. I like to think of it as Paris' Brighton (only it takes them a bit longer to get there by train, 3hrs)

Jane said...

Have a lovely trip, hope the sun shines and you have lots of fun :) :)
I lOvE the bunting x x x x x

Punctuation Mark said...

have a great time my dear!

Krystal said...

that will be so amazing....are you leaving soon?!

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