Thursday, 14 July 2011

minor revolution

after 10 years of living in france
it is surely time to move on

ordinarily i sign the
compromis de vente
first paper to sell my house

not a moment too soon

i am seriously cheesed off with france
and the tunnel vision masses of the french

(although i still love the cheese)

today is revolution day
14th july 1789 the storming of the bastille

what happened to the fire in the belly
frenchman in the intervening years

i realise my rant is controversial and yet:
14 july 2011 the rant of the odd and old expat in france day

france the land of faternitie libertie equalite

i don't think so

a great country for a fab-frenchtastic holiday:
great wine landscape
culture gastronomy brocantes

a dubious country to settle:
arrogance selfishness
small mindedness and
blocked possibilities

and there endeth my mini revolt



polkadotpeticoat said...

So your house sold?? Missed you Momma!

Andrea said...

Aye.aye. I love france, but I have always wondered what happened with the libertie equality stuff - right around the time I heard they were banning the hijab. pfah. equality my ass.

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