Thursday, 7 April 2011

make me an offer...

abstract 1 linda dacey 2008

as you may be aware
i am in the process of rationalising
my belongings in the hope of relocating
      (sooner rather than later)

abstract 2 linda dacey 2008

with this as my goal i have alot of
old oeuvres to rehome
so if you feel so inspired
please make me an offer

(no reasonable offer will be refused)

and one of these
one off original paintings
acrylic on wood
image area 15 x15cm
mounted 30 x30cm
could be yours

abstract 3 linda dacey 2008

(international shipping 15.00 euros)
(ps blogger bugging since using new computer
and only weeny type working on text aaargh
and no photoshop as yet so crumby images
please bear with me folks)


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

these are really beautiful Linda!
I will put your link on my blog( i thought i did it already) so maybe someone will see this.

Andrea said...

Love the first one....thinking seriously about it. Will get back to you. Am supposed to be saving wedding pennies

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