Monday, 7 March 2011

monday mystery object...

yes indeedy a religious crown
thanks for playing and congrats to everyone
you all guessed correctly and so
 last weeks winner is 'pam'

(please contact me so as i can arrange your coupon can't find a way to contact you!)

and this week
what do you think this is?


gallerydarrow said...

Yikes it looks a little like some medieval torture device.
*An animal trap...

Heidi said...

I think it's an old hanger?

dogsmom said...

The words look like they say Rib something, and all I can think of is a rib spreader from a MASH unit. I doubt that is right.

From the rust and scrape marks it looks to be upside down?

manon 21 said...

J'adore cette couronne.



Kickcan and Conkers said...

gorgeous crown!

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