Monday, 14 February 2011

mystery monday rollover...

last week was the first week of my 
mystery monday guess the vintage object

big thanks to the faithful few who played along
big alas you didn't win
indeed the vintage mystery object was:

a timer, not scales

so this week is a 'roll-over' week

that is to say instead of 15% offered to the person who wins 
i offer 20% discount coupon code to the person who guesses 
correctly the true identity of the object below

(to spend as you desire in one of my 3 etsy shops (your choice which one))

so tell me do what is/are this monday mystery vintage object(s)

please play along one 'n all...


Heidi said...

picture frame
curtain rings

Happy Valentines Day Momma!!!

**EYE-SNACKS** said... this :) i think there is some kind of gambler in me :-)

But i think...these are napkin rings..yesyes..did i won??

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

i really have no idea....I was going to say picture frame too but there are just too many of them so it must be some kind of spirally bangely thing !

Laura-Bear said...

Oh most definitely bracelets!

Prior said...

what a cool timer! I say curtain rings! Lezlee

Notchka said...

I'm going to say curtain rings, with napkins rings coming a close second!

Antique Ceiling Tins said...

Perhaps these are furniture pulls. Hope so!

Anonymous said...

napkin rings>

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