Tuesday, 22 February 2011

the girl has attitude...

feeling faint

blue sky and sunshine
today in northern france

but still very cold
certainly not bathing costume weather
did this collage yesterday
and the girl certainly has attitude in her knitted costume

attitude 2011 Linda Dacey
which reminds of a tale my mum told me

when she was little her mum knitted her a swimsuit
and of course 
when wet it stretched and ended up around her crotch
crotch now there is a horrid word

(wool and water i don't think so)

and when i was little my grandad remarried 
after the death of gran
he married buck toothed thora
the christian from hell
a wicked lady he later divorced (phew)
who knitted her wedding dress yuk

(wool and wedding i don't think so)

any knitting horrors to tell?


Heidi said...

My uncle married a Thora and women like this give Christians a bad name!

gallerydarrow said...

I'm trying to imagine a knitted wedding dress.............but I can't !

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