Thursday, 17 February 2011

atelier d'art/brocante...

my garage used to be my little shop

and as london is quiet
i have decided to re-open my mini

atelier d'art/brocante 

i fortunately live on a road with lots of passing traffic
helps with business and helps my morale

                           as a londoner 
                                     a little car truck and tractor 
                 noise helps keep me sane

i have a lovely odd and old dentistry cabinet
originating from my home town
trouble is everyone always wants to buy it
and typically it is the only thing not for sale
i simply cannot bring myself to part company with it

tell me do what material possession could you not bear to part with?


Heidi said...

This is a great idea....I use to do this hmmm some of the things I regret selling,a few mirrors a few pieces of antique childrens furniture, some enamelware....I call this sellers remorse.
I'm terible but I got attached to my items and if I did not like someone I hated sending them home with a treasure.....this only happened twice...maybe I'M A NUT!

Brown Paper & String said...

A painted picture of a dog called 'Mitzy' I picked up at Portobello Rd market. Everyone wants Mitzy but she ain't for sale!

gallerydarrow said...

I have a bronze sculpture of a greyhound by French sculptor PJ Mene. I bought it at the Rose Bowl flea market for nearly nothing. I LOVE IT and could never afford it if it was in a gallery.


I covet your cabinet too, hang on tight!

xo, Ro

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