Friday, 7 January 2011


guess where i am?

sitting in the local mcdonalds carpark using their wifi access.


why indeed;

my telephone line was cut off this morning as they claim that i have not paid my bill.
i paid it on 16.12.10 in full by 'a mandat cash' at la poste, 
i have the receipt to prove this.
the payment has been lost in the system; 
the telephone company do not have a fax for me to send a copy 
of my reciept to, what?! neither do they have a system in place 
to trace lost payments. so i have been cut off through no fault 
of my own and the best bit is it will take them 48 hours to 
reconnect me when i pay this bill for the second time...

so no man! no telephone and no internet,
gee the year is starting on a real high.

hope it is sunnier chez vous...

ps thank goodness for mcdo (never thought i'd say that)


Heidi said...

Oh poopsie loop your little screaming face was cute, that would make me so mad.....burning mad!!

Rebekah Leigh said...

eeek poor you! Yes I would be mad, so mad, I remember once being told by an operator at the water company that they don't keep transaction refs for bills (water bills) my payment had been lost and the transaction refs I had been jotting down for years made no difference anyway! Argggh!
I admire your dedication and genius for going to mc D's to use the wifi! :-)

Karena said...

Oh dear you are having quite a time!! I have a request if you would....please send me an eiffel tower replica, I am collecting them....any kind...if you can i will send my address....

Art by Karena

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Sorry to hear of your phone company woes! Not fair at all! Hope the rest of your 2011 is all smooth sailing :)

Bella Bheag said...

We have become so used to this fantastic tool called the internet that you must have felt bereft at the loss of it. McDonalds - well - for every cloud and all that......!

Enough comments from me now, I must leave you in peace! I will visit again.

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