Wednesday, 15 December 2010

a little creative giveaway...

tis the season to be generous falalalalalalalala; 
(yet not too generous!).
!!  this giveaway is only open to followers  !!
so you know what to do if new to my little slice of the blogosphere...

and nothing in life is for free;
i require a little of your creativity and participation.

i love this original old photograph which i found a while back in england.

and so to the nitty gritty. 
the challenge is to, by comment, leave  your impressions.
perhaps a conversational snippet or a mini scenario inspired 
by this charming image.

with the help of my boys a winner will be selected the 23rd of december.

the prize is a coupon code worth 25.00 euros, that's about $33.00 usd,
to spend as you wish in my new etsy store
which i am continuing to stock regularly with beautiful vintage paper ephemera...


gallerydarrow said...

Well Linda, I'm going to have to think on this for a bit but I'll be back.......

Heidi said...

Phew, my tummy is full of chicken and cookies....May I enter please!

gallerydarrow said...

...and so Bonnie suggested to Clyde they try and get a new start in America.

Michele Payne said...

it really was the last time she'd make him egg sandwiches!
:) I am a bit shy but I thought I'd give it a go, though I scrapped the short story I originally wrote as it got a bit foolish...thanks for being so lovely to be bloggy with and a happy happy Noel xxxx

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