Thursday, 2 December 2010

change in the air...

whilst once again i don't have much to say for myself, 
a rarity as i can be a bit of a gob on a stick, 
i do have an awful lot to do. my house is up for sale; 
not the ideal time to try and sell but have had a few nibbles. 
first visit saturday so operation major overhaul underway; 
i was not put on this earth to be a housewife so this is difficult for me! 
thank goodness for the lads. 
have snapped a few shots of home details to show today. 

also have an exciting project to unveil shortly so stay tuned, (please)...


Minx's Den said...

i moved last year to my current location......i always like moving to a new place, its an excuse to redecorate!

Heidi said...

I love your previos post with the light....beautiful!
Now I'm caustic 93 followers, spit!
must catch up my dear.

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