Monday, 13 December 2010


i have never really liked winter and here in northern france 
where the land is flat flat and flatter and the horizons stretch 
into the distant future winters, to my mind, are pretty dismal. 
combine this with the fact that money is always in short 
supply around christmas due to the fact that my business 
dies in december and i can heartily say that winter is grim! 
and yet there is a positive to all this. in our house christmas 
gets back to basics, no swanky presents this year just a 
simple and traditional meal with the 
              man and boy who are my purest gifts...            


gallerydarrow said...

You have SO much!!!! Don't you forget that! You need not look far for real sorrow.

A sunny and warm California hug to you.

LAURA!!! said...

sounds DElightful!

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Sounds good to me! People are better than presents any day. The most extravagant thing round these parts is a box of Quality Street....I only bought them so we could use the wrappers to make coloured windows for some little house decorations we are making. Hibernate for a while and dream of spring!

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