Monday, 8 November 2010

work, good for the soul...

It is necessary to work, 

      if not from inclination,

at least from d e s p a i r. 

Everything considered,

work is less boring 
                                              than amusing oneself.

charles baudelaire: french poet


Krystal said...

interesting! work is definitely essential :)

Heidi said...

Hey Momma, I wish we could do a little coffee I think were feeling the same!
I'm tired

Amelia said...

thanks for visiting! Yes,. MA great but wonder if I am a little crazy!

Work is even better if it is your play too ;)


Jude said...

I believe that too - although I do sometimes grumble about work, I think I'd go absolutely batty if I didn't have work in my life!

(And I agree with the play thing the post above said :)). Hope your new week's off to a good start!

Pinecone said...

Hi! Just found your blog! Have a great week.

City Girl said...

I love this! And believe it, too.

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