Monday, 1 November 2010

to have or not to have...

this weekend whilst sifting through boxes looking for pearls, 
i stumbled upon this cheery postcard; upon reading i felt far from cheery. 
i am no translator so please forgive me for my clumsy effort, it reads:
"dear, (...) tell me what you think; if you had had a little one like this we would 
have been happy. good night my little (...) dear. jacques who loves you." 

this got me thinking about the tough times i am experiencing with my 
beautiful yet bolshy 16 year old adolescent son.
a school dropout he now stays home and helps me with this and that. 
this is a highly unsatisfactory and temporary arrangement until a 
better solution presents itself .
my son is highly intelligent and highly unmotivated. longterm,
if i can manage to keep him away from destructive influences 
and drugs i know that he will shape up but in the 
meantime sleepless nights and continual worry are 
my constant unwelcome companions.

 source: psychology today


Heidi said...

I wish parenting came with an iron clad handbook that promised incredible results.The problem is kids are all so different and what works with one does not work on the next. Your a great Mom and that in itself will be your success with your son! I'm so much easier on our eldest and I can see how much more self motivated our younger children are.

Jude said...

I'm sure you're being a great Mom too! There's so little influence we have, after a point, because every child is completely their own person - I hope things work out for the best - and I'm sure they will, even if it doesn't happen tomorrow, things always seem to (slowly but steadily) arc upwards.

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