Friday, 12 November 2010

snatch yourself this 'friday find'...

it's the end of the week and i have a plan! 
a dastardly treat yourself (buy me a beer) plan. 
for foreseeable friday's i hope to offer for sale 'friday's find'. 
a unique vintage object. a find which has inspired a self absorbed 
discourse/observation/rambling; a printout, of which, will be included in the sale; 
should you be so persuaded.

'friday find' N° 1: 
vintage 1960/70's fabric covered box h:10.4cm w:17cm d:17cm
$30.00 inc. shipping worldwide
excellent condition clean interior...


u p r i g h t.
Sitting patiently;
 'amongst chipped and cheery flotsam of finished business'
        humming energy emanating from covered cardboard core;
(what to say about box).
  this 'box'.
they passed through selecting this and that.
          solemn  fake gaiety resonating throughout small abode.
air - bourne mothball: fluttering like dusty being 
(around  fading lamplight)
      fading light,
key turning in the lock.
lock locked: closure
    golden glare.


Konfettiform said...

Hello Linda, happy you stopped by and left a comment. And happy to have inserted some "cheer" into your day.
Wonderful art you are making! And lovely stuff in your shop. Love the blue enamel water bottle.

-And you are welcome back anytime... Love, Lena.

Heidi said...

I'm loven your new treasures I had a bunch of ladies over yesterday so I have been busy cleaning, I'm off to catch up with you!

Krystal said...

i like this feature!

Konfettiform said...

RE: Yes, "the whole package" is nice as well ;) Have a wonderful weekend, Linda.

Design Elements said...

a lovely new treasure. have a magic weekend!

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