Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Blog Block...

well, this week I promised myself  'creative time' in the art sense but 
finally i am swamped by everyday mundane pleasures and as you 
probably gathered i am frustrated and bored. i always remember 
the school assembly when mr currie,
(swift as an elephant, bald as a coot, the belly of currie, and the great smell of brut!),
told us that if we were bored then we were boring!
how we laughed derisively at him;
how true were his words.
still the sun is shining and i'm off out for an hour or 2 to have a  beer 
with my best friend, mr handsome...


Krystal said...

a beer will solve it :)

Heidi said...

Have a beer for me too!

LAURA!!! said...

I love his words. that is too funny. (Beer makes everything better in my book)

Jude said...

Have a great time - beer sounds great right about now :)

I go through those moments too, hang in there!

simpledaisy said...

A cocktail always clears the mind!

sean the prawn said...

Beautiful blocks... Bring back early memories.
Was it the Pet Shop Boys that sang "we were never being boring"?? hope you enjoyed that beer... Any beer is a good beer when drinking with a Mr Hansome.

nancy said...

do you remember when he did his 'double negatives' lecture to the backdrop of Pink Floyd's we don't need no education - truly a morning to remember - and I do!

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