Monday, 18 October 2010

And the Winner is...

New on Etsy...

Gotta say gals you outdid yourself with generosity and made me realise that
I am somewhat of a freak with my nasty ways! 'Caustic Comments'
are not your style at all, although I had several positive 'Constructive Criticisms'
which I have happily taken on board and will be implementing
in the next few weeks. So, thanks alot for having a go one 'n all
 and the winner is; Laura at
(please email me your details asap and I can send you your gains 
but remember Laura the soap is not for washing your mouth out 
afterall as you weren't horrid enough by far)...


Heidi said...

Rotten apples I did not win, congrats to Laura!

LAURA!!! said...

eee! I won! wow! Most unexpected!

I have been out of town, and without a computer, so I have to say this was a nice surprise to come back to! thank you!

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