Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sellotape style reworked...

These are a couple of sketchbook collages I did a while back but never followed through, (typically Linda).
I think I should try a couple out with oil on wood; prefer the purity of colour of oil paints but they are such a drag to dry; also can't stand the bounce of stretched canvas, prefer a solid surface. I created these with textures, prints and patterns from my HUGE stash of lifestyle magazines; I'm a real sucker for a style shoot.
I used sellotape as it forms a kind of vacumn pack therefore preserving the moment... Voila mes amies; comments on a postcard! oops on a comment.


Steph said...

Oh Linda, I love these! I learnt the technique from my dad, if truth be told, as he is a total artsy-pants and also did some d├ęcoupage some years back. I love to use wide, thick packing tape because it creates a lovely glossy texture and, as you say, helps to preserve your creation.

I am so glad I've found you and thanks for visiting my online digs yesterday. Your blog is great! I love to see what other artists have been up to and I really ought to make some time for myself in that sense. I write all the time but find that I am a little starved of the pleasures of cutting-and-pasting and creating with scissors and glue!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I like a lot your works too

Yvonne said...

Thank your for your lovely comment on my blog! I´m so glad that I found yours!
So many great images!
Have a nice day,

Miss Sew & So said...

I ADORE these....you are incredibly talented!!
Glad you found me!!
melissa x

Sea Angels said...

like these lots xxxx

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