Thursday, 27 May 2010

Cheery thought...

During my Brocante browsing I am a sucker for old photographs and postcards; I am always sad when I think of a life ending up in a scrappy old box on the pavement. Often I wonder why families don't keep their photos. I am especially sad when I see cute photos of little children...


Erin Wallace said...

I love cast off old photos, too. My mom and I used to go through boxes of them at antique malls and say that we were collecting instant ancestors. I still think of old photos that way.

xo Erin

Quase Blog da Li said...

Hi Linda,
I loved his work and was great to see my
identification with him.
I am also a worshiper of photos, papers, old books.
Fabrics, rags, buttons, lace, are a very healthy habit!
Glad to see that you a liked "church interiors, iconography and incense; smells and bells", I like the theme of "churches" saints, martyrs, and other religions alike.
A theme rich with symbols and icons that attracts me a lot!
Before having any belief, and I appreciate everything that involves researching this topic.
I enjoyed finding you in this universe BLOG,
surely I will accompany you.
Nice to meet you.
Greetings from Brazil

(I also am very sad to see family photos thrown in any box on the sidewalk)

Clare said...

It is sad! i also wonder why families wouldn't hold on to such precious history form generations past...
oh i love the old b&w postcards with colour painted in!

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